Senior / Lead Polyglot Programmer – Software Craftsmanship – Open Source Enthusiast

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Full Job Description

Love crafting intelligent solutions for complex technical problems? Join our agile team to build meaningful software – doesn’t matter if you’re senior or junior!

We are looking for Software Artisan who is passionate, with a flair for software craftsmanship and their quality of code is highly impressive. You should have built a robust foundation, where reusable components and systems have been key differentiators.

Our work culture is remote-first and democratic by design, with open communication channels that encourage holistic learning, passionate discussions, and debates.

  • Passionate tech craftsmen abreast with the latest trends
  • Experience in polyglot programming with at least one dynamic language like Java,Ruby, Golang Python, or PHP
  • Experience in building code by using core agile practices such as “keep it simple,” test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration and microservices design.
  • Excellent command in backend and web development and your solutions add value to the schema of business.
  • Experience in building distributed systems and demonstrating ownership of the work you’ve done
  • Ideate: architect and prototype scalable web development solutions that transform business.
  • Research: Identify the right architecture, and estimate performance, scaling, security and implementation risks for a solid plan
  • Validate: Define & prioritize requirements, features & run sprints with effective resource management, to develop fully functional web applications
  • Scale: Adopt comprehensive quality assurance procedures to secure the application before scaling, while improving velocity through strategic development cycles.
  • It’s hard to cross boundaries in technology, but you will build thoughtful and scalable solutions by working on multiple code repositories with ease.
  • Write code which is still reliable and scales without any issues.
  • Use agile methods to enable them to promptly turn projects around while brainstorming ways to make the process more productive.
  • Solve complex problems and build robust well-architected systems.


If you love running towards complex challenges and transforming them into solutions, if you want to make a potentially huge impact on many lives, write to us at to get connected!