Principal Engineer

  • Bengaluru
Job Details
5-10 Years of Experience.

Full Job Description

Full-stack, frontend, backend, and mobile development.

Reporting to: Director of Engineering

  • Tackle the hardest problems, applying design-driven development
  • Build software that delivers game-changing business value
  • Work on cloud-based architectures that are highly scalable, available, and performant
  • Create software products with industry leading user experiences
  • Deliver minimum viable products in weeks, not months
  • Learn from and working with software industry veterans

Are excited to work with top-notch engineers and leaders with decades of experience in building great software

  • Love to learn and get your hands dirty with new technologies and architectures
  • Are excited to go after the most complex technical challenges thrown at you
  • Enjoy building software that delivers business value continuously
  • Are experienced or like to work with remote/hybrid teams
  • Bring energy and excitement in the team, foster collaboration, promote an open exchange of ideas

We are technology agnostic in our approach. Having said that, here are the technologies we are currently working with:

  • Backend: Java, .Net, Node.js
  • Frontend: Angular, React
  • Database: Relational (SQL) and Non-relational (NoSQL) DBs
  • DevOps: AWS, Atlassian
  • Mobile dev: iOS and Android app development using native and hybrid frameworks

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