IIOT Product Manager – EnergyTech – High Impact – StartupReady

  • Delhi / Remote
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3+ years of Experience.

Full Job Description

Industrial processes impose onerous requirements on IoT solutions. Product managers must account for these additional requirements in the design and engineering. They must understand the specific use cases, as well as the environments the solutions will be placed into.

IIoT solutions employ a variety of advanced security measures, from secure and resilient system architectures, specialized chipsets, encryption and authentication, threat detection, to management processes.

  • We need someone who can decide the future course of our product.
  • Someone who is self-motivated to do something outstanding!
  • Someone who has customer empathy as a core value, even if not the best in software engineering.
  • Someone who can make bold decisions and take risk, not someone who has always only functioned in a well-oiled machine with a big hierarchy.


  • Someone who understands industrial processes!
  • Someone who has a keen understanding of the world of building automation or industrial IOT – various startups in the space, industrial communication protocols, digital twins, etc.
  • Someone who we can rely on to do their research and analysis thoroughly, present it clearly, communicate with all stakeholders and drive action and growth.

You will report to the Founder.

Rewards and Compensation – can attract the best!

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