Chief Technical Officer-50M+ Users

  • Mumbai/Bangalore
Job Details
More than 8-10 years of experience with minimum 2-3 years’ experience in leading a B2C product as a CTO or Tech Lead.

Full Job Description

We’ve been around since 2012, and we’re one of the most well-known names in the online gaming industry. Over the last 9 years, our product offerings have attracted 50 million consumers. We also have the Indian licensing and operational rights, and have lately expanded our products with a push into the diversified space during the previous two years.

  1. Experience managing B2C tech products that have successfully sustained a heavy daily active user (100k+) and daily transactions volumes
  2. Prior experience in course correcting and risk mitigation of a legacy product and has successfully delivered exceptional outcomes by turning around the product
  3. Hands-on experience in building tech architectures and driving documentation, knowledge management
  4. Exceptional knowledge and understanding of various technologies and its application and use cases
  5. Have excellent problem solving, logical reasoning and risk identification skills in previous assignments
  6. Experience building teams from scratch and successfully deliver quality products.
  1. Benchmark product offerings, tech stack, team capability and skillsets with competitors and other leading tech companies to evaluate the best possible route for the future product roadmap.
  2. Evaluate our existing product offerings, tech stack, team capability and skillsets to identify areas of improvements and prepare a roadmap with milestones and timelines to drive identified improvements and drive product stabilization and sustenance.
  3. Evaluate the current Technical Architecture of the products and drive changes in the same as and where necessary. Guide team in creating a Technical Architecture for the products wherever missing.
  4. Identify modules and framework that require transition to newer technologies and drive team in preparing a plan of action for the transition.
  5. Identify areas within the product where quality third party integrations or outsourcing can fast-track the delivery and resolve current challenges and drive the team in achieving the same.
  6. Prepare a manpower plan and budgeting to fulfill the current and future product requirements in line with the business plans.
  7. Build and review the hiring process (short listing, technical assessments and evaluation criteria’s) to ensure the quality of hiring.
  8. Overlook and guide the various functions within the tech team (Backend, Frontend, Game, IT, Product, Project and Testing).
  9. Drive the overall performance planning and reviews for the entire tech team to ensure overall performance achievement.
  10. Evaluate the current documentation and processes followed by the team and identify improvement areas and drive course correction wherever required.
  11. Implement processes, SOPs and tools wherever missing and drive team to success.
  12. Evaluate the existing capabilities of resources to identify skill gaps and drive capability building initiatives to fulfill the skill gap.
  13. Drive multi skilling and cross functional exposure programs within and outside the product team to build a solid business and product understanding.
  14. Identify future capability requirements of the business and plan for capability building programs for identified resources or plan for hiring external Talent to build capability.
  15. Evaluate the product on a regular interval with all stakeholders to identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that can help grow market share, improve customer experience and add business value.
  16. Lead the stakeholder meetings with internal teams to understand the ongoing requirement features, integrations, modules and up gradation and future plans.
  17. Drive and review the team to continuously benchmark with the best practices followed and implemented by Competitors and the latest Technology, Architecture, UI, UX practices, tools used within and outside the industry.
  18. Scope and prioritize product development strategy based on business and customer impact.
  19. Drive the product roadmap to success by guiding the team to prepare detailed plan that covers the market need, customer expectations, competition, user personas, UI, UX, automation possibilities, integrations that are must-have.
  20. Review and drive the achievement of success criteria and metrics for product roadmap.
  21. Review the PRDs and mock-ups and ensure all dependencies, inter dependencies are covered to ensure no adverse effect of new developments impact the existing product architecture.
  22. Proactively conduct team meetings to review sprint progress and drive course correction or provide technical guidance wherever necessary.
  23. Regularly review the documentation done by the development and testing team for product architecture, features, linkages, testing parameters and test results, known bugs, frequently faced development roadblocks to ensure process adherence and knowledge management.
  24. Thoroughly review the major product launches and ensure proper clearances are sought from the testing team. Guide the team in resolving impediments and issues if they occur.


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