Head / VP Marketing – SaaS CyberSecurity – $100K – $125K

  • Bengaluru
Job Details
10+ Years of Experience.

Full Job Description

The ideal candidate is experienced٫ with proven end-to-end project management , proven experience in B2B SAAS companies of building sales growth via digital marketing & paid advertising campaigns. A successful candidate is highly professional٫ driven and should play a significant role in the strategic planning of our company. You will report to the Founder, and you will oversee internal marketing teams.

  • Proven work in a senior role such as Marketing Director٫ VP of Marketing٫ or similar in a SAAS B2B product company
  • Experience in the design and implementation of successful marketing campaign(s)
  • Knowledge and high proficiency in Google AdWords٫ SEO٫ and web analytics
  • Excellent leadership٫ communication٫ analytical٫ and project management skills
  • Great decision-making skills and the ability to make difficult decisions and put the right metrics at the right time tied to growth

Must haves :

Past SAAS experience in b2b companies @ a Directory or higher level

  • Have demonstrated handling a budget of > 500K and growing that budget to > few million Dollars and tied to company growth
  • Would be great to also have this person completely aligned and understanding CAC:LTV, NRR, Rule of 40 metrics and connecting upfront marketing spend and results to these numbers
  • Increase brand awareness through development and implementation of a cohesive marketing plan.
  • Build predictability of accelerating growth in Traffic, Leads and Pipeline thru combination of SEO and Digital Ads
  • Conceptualize٫ guide٫ and support marketing events and weave that back into the overall marketing brand reinforcement campaigns digitally to drive and grow sales qualified leads
  • Track activities of competitors in the field.
  • Monitor٫ scrutinize٫ and improve marketing campaigns and metrics
  • Oversee and set goals for internal teams٫ both long and short term.
  • Use creative PR strategies to build relationships with stakeholders and media
  • Allocate funds and prioritize the execution plan from those funds for marketing department to meet growth objectives
  • Analyze hiring needs and markets in order to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Provide Core team with measurable and growth marketing metrics to justify the spend or ask for increase in spend for faster growth and map it to key SAAS Growth Metrics to justify the spend for higher future growth and demonstrate results on build up towards growth on a quarter on quarter basis

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