Staff DevOps Engineer

  • Bangalore
Job Details
7 to 12 years

Full Job Description

We are a leading solution for personal finance management software. We’ve been assisting millions of people to live financially healthy lifestyles for over 30 years. We’ve been the leading personal management software for millions of people since 1988. We pioneered a revolutionary new way for consumers to handle their own finances. Since then, we’ve remained committed to satisfying consumers and improving the product and experience.

  1. Expert troubleshooting skills.
  2. Expertise in designing highly secure cloud services and cloud infrastructure using AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, ECS, Route53)
  3. Experience with DevOps tools including Docker, Ansible, and Terraform.
  4. Experience with monitoring tools such as DataDog, Splunk.
  5. Experience building and maintaining large scale infrastructure in AWS including experience leveraging one or more coding languages for automation.
  6. Experience providing 24X7 on call production support.
  7. Understanding of best practices, industry standards and repeatable, supportable processes.
  8. Knowledge and working experience of container-based deployments such as Docker, Terraform, AWS ECS.
  9. Knowledge and working experience of the CI/CD development pipeline and experience of the CI/CD maturity model. (Jenkins)
  10. Knowledge and working experience of TCP/IP, DNS, Certs & Networking Concepts.
  11. Strong core Linux OS skills, shell scripting, python scripting.
  12. Working experience of modern engineering operations duties, including providing the necessary tools and infrastructure to support high performance Dev and QA teams.
  13. Database, MySQL administration skills is a plus.
  14. Prior work in high load and high-traffic infrastructure is a plus.
  15. Clear vision of and commitment to providing outstanding customer service.
  1. Build required infrastructure to support our growing enterprise cloud offerings.
  2. Work with developers to implement right size the infrastructure\network with our micro services.
  3. Provide input on operational best practices in a team setting where the best solution wins.
  4. Design, architect, and implement next generation automation solutions.
  5. Use existing tools to troubleshoot production issues and drive solutions based on findings.
  6. Work closely with management and PMO’s to complete projects from start to finish with little supervision of day to day tasks.
  7. Work throughout the full infrastructure, including communication, monitoring, availability, scaling, failover and recovery.


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