Senior Engineering Manager, Integrated Financial Cloud Services

  • Bangalore (India)
Job Details
11-16 Years of experience in the software industry with 5+ years in engineering management.

Full Job Description

We have been the top personal management software for millions of consumers. We pioneered a radically easier and faster way for people to manage their household finances. Since then, we’ve continued to focus on delighting customers and making our product and experience better than ever. For over 30-years, we have helped millions of people take control of their financial lives.

We continue to innovate in our development of advanced connectivity solutions, integrated financial services, and machine learning/AI initiatives—all aimed at furthering our mission of being the intelligent platform at the center of our customers’ financial lives.

Integrated Financial Services is our new strategic priority with the vision of providing customers the ability to act on their finances by being able to move their money to different entities.

  1. Very strong people management skills with a track record of leading high performing engineering teams
  2. Solid technical background in working with Cloud-based microservices (AWS preferred)
  3. Strong knowledge of technologies like Java, Spring Boot, Relational Databases, and No-SQL Databases
  4. Solid understanding of microservice architecture and design pattern
  5. Comfortable dealing with ambiguity and driving towards clarity by partnering with stakeholders
  6. Able to lead team through dynamic situations and making trade-offs along the way
  7. Career path that has grown from a hands-on engineer to a manager, & currently possessing the ability to get into technical details (including code)
  8. Experience with building a product successfully from ground up is desired
  9. Experienced in leading teams through Agile development processes like Scrum and/or Kanban
  10. Very good project management capabilities in terms of planning and execution
  11. Ability to make technical decisions that balance short vs long term
  12. Experienced partnering with Product Management in converting functional requirements to technical deliverables
  13. Solid communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively at different levels of the organization
  14. Passionate about understanding the customer and able to look at a problem from a customer’s perspective
  15. Familiarity with working in a geographically distributed environment
  16. Proven experience in coaching and mentoring fresh college hires to highly senior engineers
  17. BS/MS in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent


What’s advantageous?

Experience in payments and/or financial services


  1. Directly manage and mentor the engineers of the team
  2. Responsible for managing the ground up development and delivery of financial services platform
  3. Deal with inherent ambiguities of building something new and drive clarity in partnership with business stakeholders
  4. Partner with Product Managers to ensure the services being developed meet the functional requirements
  5. Ensure the services are of high quality and meet the non-functional requirements for performance, scalability, and security
  6. Working closely with the technical architect, steer important technology decisions related to architecture and design
  7. Own the engineering roadmap that is in alignment with the business priorities
  8. Own the release plans for continuous delivery and make necessary trade-offs
  9. Manage the software development processes using Agile Scrum/Kanban
  10. Ensure the team adheres to appropriate engineering best practices (design for re-use, unit testing, etc.)
  11. Guide team with technical insights and problem-solving techniques when facing complex issues
  12. Plan and execute any necessary upgrade to the technical infrastructure of the platform
  13. Partner with the QA team to ensure thorough E2E testing of the services developed
  14. Partner with the DevOps team to ensure smooth production deployment of the services and subsequent monitoring
  15. Be aware of the requirements of the client apps that will consume the services and work with those teams as necessary for their smooth on-boarding
  16. Provide visibility to the senior leadership of the work being performed by the team
  17. Handle team related communication to the rest of the organization as per established operating mechanisms
  18. Own managing the documentation of major technical decisions in a wiki
  19. Bring in right talent into the team and ensure retention of the top performers
  20. Create a culture that motivates the team to excel by promoting ownership, empowerment, collaboration, innovation, transparency, and fairness


What we offer:

  1. Competitive salary and performance bonus
  2. Fantastic culture, strong believers in Autonomy/Mastery/Purpose
  3. Customer-driven, we make money by building the best products for our users. No confusion about how to win create amazing products!
  4. Ability to work with and lead incredible talent
  5. Build products that make a huge difference in people’s lives
  6. Work on a highly recognizable brand that defined the personal finance category


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