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We need a competent Product Manager. Is it you?

The Product Manager generates and prioritises ideas for new software products, designs, and/or updates to current Company products and capabilities that represent the market and address market, customer, and company demands. Additionally, the Product Manager produces new products via market research and a thorough awareness of client demands, emerging technology, industry trends, and competitors. This person will be responsible for the strategy and vision for one or more products, ensuring that they correspond with the company’s strategy and vision.

A Product Manager will collaborate cross-functionally with client-facing teams such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Services to discover, conceive, and prioritise product and capability opportunities. Additionally, Product Managers will be responsible for leading and assisting a globally dispersed product and engineering team in planning, developing, shipping, testing, and continuously improving these possibilities. A Product Manager will collaborate with their own Product team as well as with other Product teams to ensure that a portfolio of related products is coherent, scalable, and extendable.

Product Manager (1) – The role.


Principal Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the creation of new features and products at each step of the product’s life cycle.
  • Consult with customer-facing teams, customers, users, and the market to find potential for Evive product enhancement or new product development.
  • Define, own, and manage their product’s vision, strategy, prioritisation, and road plan(s).
  • Develop effective connections with all members of the organization’s teams.
  • Analyze market trends and competition to inform overall product and business strategy.
  • Determine the scope and priority of operations depending on their influence on the company, the customer, and the effort required.
  • Manage and convey challenging trade-off choices effectively.
  • Collaborate with the Evive Product and Development teams to prioritise new features and products from idea to high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Collaborate closely with technical teams to ensure a rapid time-to-market and efficient use of resources.
  • Supervise the deployment of new goods and act as the user’s/voice. customer’s
  • Lead the production of new product demonstrations and demonstrate new features and goods to customers.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and customers on the product plan and product enhancements.
  • All additional responsibilities as assigned.


Educational Background and Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Marketing, or a related field is desirable.
  • 3+ years of experience in product management or a related field.
  • 7+ years of professional experience in total.
  • Direct experience collaborating with Product and Development teams.


Requirement for Skill

  • Consumer marketing analytics expertise.
  • Fundamentals of product management – especially in SaaS or consumer websites/apps.
  • Solid technical background with a grasp of software development and web technologies and/or hands-on experience.
  • Proven expertise managing products with a customer-centric emphasis and designing with a user-centered approach.
  • Proven track record of successfully managing all facets of a successful product’s lifetime.
  • Discipline and a bias toward action while building and upgrading procedures.
  • Working knowledge of Agile and Lean methodologies.
  • Discipline and a bias toward action while building and upgrading procedures.
  • Capability to think creatively, strategically, analytically, and unconventionally in order to solve issues.


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