Co-Founder / CEO – SaaS Logistics Startup – Entrepreneurial

Job Details
10+ years experience in a sales/product or other leadership roles (preferably at a software Startup)

Full Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Chief Executive Officer to join our team!

As a CEO, you will be responsible for the supervision of the overall business strategy and success. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be crucial to the success of our company, as you will be giving all the strategic directions to the team across the whole company.

The CEO will be responsible for product development, team building, and assisting sales growth, partnership creation, and client management, for a SaaS platform that optimizes and automates the logistics workflows for any type of goods movement for any customer. The CEO is ultimately accountable for being a significant contributor to improving the product’s P&L, developing and delivering the company’s product roadmap, ensuring the marketing team has a positive impact on the product’s growth, and ensuring the product is positively regarded in the marketplace.


  • Ability to accelerate revenue growth by acquiring as many new customers as possible
  • Have already worked as a Founder in Startup and have good investor connections and have excellent presentation skills.
  • Creative ability to generate ideas for client acquisition, open new revenue lines and creative
  • deliverables, and clearly communicate ideas to a team of executors
  • Experience in sales or marketing for SaaS and Enterprise Software Startup

The Role :

0-6 Months Timeline – Hiring (Tech and Product Team):Identify needs, recruit candidates, coordinate the hiring process, and onboard team members within a budget.

3-9 Months Timeline – Fund Raising: Work with the Company’s Board of Directors to ensure the company raises capital to support its cash flow and growth as per Company Roadmap. Be the front face of the Company in front of Identified Investors and lead the fundraising process for the Company.

6-12 Months Timeline – Project Management and Product Delivery: Serve as lead liaison between Client and Product teams, ensuring expectations are communicated and met with regards to the following:

  • Document and communicate client needs, timelines, and expectations to the broader Product team
  • Manage assigned team members, providing feedback and direction, to ensure success on client deliverables
  • Maintain a basic understanding of product delivery and ensure client deliverables
  • Collaborate with company leadership and Product team to improve project management

systems as needed

6-18 Months Timeline – Revenue Generation: Secure new work or increase scope with clients

  • Engage senior-level decision makers from the client teams to communicate strategies and tactics, instilling confidence and excitement for the Product’s value proposition across projects
  • Develop strategies and solutions for potential or existing clients to increase revenue, employing a deep understanding of the Product’s capabilities and a willingness to innovate to solve problems
  • Document sales process and work with other team members pursuing revenue to improve the company’s overall sales strategy

9-18 Months Timeline – Partnership Management: Lead engagement with the clients over the course of their relationship with the product

  • Develop and maintain relationships with designated individuals from the client’s teams in order to communicate efficiently, clearly, and proactively
  • Communicate to broader Product team feedback to continuously improve deliverables for any given client, overall Product systems, and client reporting
  • Engage directly in ensuring deliverables, systems, and reporting are excellent as needed


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