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We seek innovative minds who aren’t scared to disrupt the existing quo. If you are willing to work hard, you will be rewarded with a profession that directly impacts society.

Our goal is to define an industry, not to be defensive. This entails creating new items that have never been tried. This means selling products with a focus on solutions. Staying current requires being able to support a business that operates at a fast pace – on purpose!

These aren’t easy goals to accomplish – but we’re not here for easy. We’re not here to make things easy, and these goals are no exception. We’re here to make you better. If you’re a person who likes to think outside the box and challenge the status quo, we’d like to hear from you.


Your Coming Years

For your part, you must lead and participate in all facets of the firm’s “engineering.” In addition to clients and partners, the conference will likely include software engineers and product managers.

We want someone who isn’t scared to think outside the box. At every level, we need leaders that own their work and seek answers. To meet our business needs, you’ll need to apply your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.


What your typical day looks like

  • Conceive and implement new services, features, and schemas to increase data quality for internal and external customers.
  • Training and technical presentation of vulnerabilities and secure design patterns to engineering staff.
  • Secure development procedures and programs for our engineering teams and contractors.
  • Seeking out opportunities to automate processes when appropriate.


What we expect you to have

  • Five years of technical leadership
  • Skills in gathering and recording thorough information regarding defects and systemic issues
  • Manual secure code review experience in JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP
  • You clearly prioritize and estimate each task in a large and complex project.
  • Deep hands on experience in API design, REST, RPC and micro-service architecture.
  • Deep hands-on experience in large scale distributed data processing with BigData technologies (Hadoop ecosystem, Spark and others).
  • Experience in building product platform as-a-service, SaaS and multi-tenant deployments.

For those who think they are competent in just a few of these areas, don’t worry! Individuals with a growth attitude and shown learning aptitude can apply.


The Circle

Our engineering staff is vital to the success of our goods and is directly linked to our aim to develop breakthrough products using cutting-edge technology to preserve our leadership position. They are always inventing, challenging our and the industry’s expectations of the next great thing.

They are continuously testing our and the industry’s ideas about what the next big thing should be.

These engineers aren’t frightened of tackling new challenges. Determining the industry rather than relying on others. We want folks who enjoy ambiguity and relish a challenge.

This is the team for you if you see how great people and products can transform a business.


Be who you are at work
It is our goal to be the catalyst for change that inspires us to take action in the workplace. Work should be a place where your true self can be fully expressed. We’re working hard on making that happen for you.
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