Staff Engineer

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10+ years of experience building scalable software systems

Full Job Description

You will be a part of an internationally renowned Digital Experience Platform. We are currently valued at $900M. We are the leader in Commerce Experience empowering brands to deliver customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic. Our digital experience platform built for commerce includes three pillars:

  • Discovery, offering AI-driven search and merchandising;
  • Content, offering a headless CMS; and
  • Engagement, offering leading CDP and marketing automation solutions.

Together, these pillars form the only platform that combines the power of unified customer and product data with the speed and scale of AI optimization, enabling measurable digital commerce experiences that drive real results.

Our team is a critical product development and innovation hub for the company, with many of the company’s key products and technology initiatives created and developed by the team.

  • Hands on technical leadership experience leading project and setting technical direction.
  • Experience architecting and developing solutions to ambiguous problems with significant impact.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, priding yourself on getting things done with a high level of quality.
  • Extensive background in algorithms and proficiency in backend first languages, such as C/C++, Java, Scala, Python, etc.
  • Experience with large-scale data processing (e.g Spark, Hadoop, Solr, MapReduce)
  • Maintaining Unix-based cloud systems.
  • Strong knowledge of web technologies, including details of HTTP, common web frameworks such as Tomcat or Django, networking and web performance engineering.
  • Experience of working in and contributing to the open-source community would be a plus.


We are a team of rock-star developers and leaders who own and lead the design and development of critical technology components. They have conceptualized, architected and lead initiatives that are the cornerstone of our product offerings. Here’s what our Staff Engineers have done:

  • Our Product Search – industry-leading ecommerce domain search engine. It is self-learning, has semantic understanding capabilities and offers advanced personalization features.
  • Our Recommendations and Pathways – a capability that caters intelligently selected products to individual customers utilizing advanced scalable recommendation algorithms.
  • Distributed and highly scalable content indexing system which caters to some of the largest ecommerce retailers in the world.
  • Massively parallel crawler and parser that is able to crawl and index 3,600 QPS (~300 million pages per day).
  • High throughput NoSQL database and search systems which scale for billions of interactions and millions of products (something you need when you are representing 25% of all retail ecommerce experiences in the US and UK!)
  • Real-time auto complete system which provides suggestions faster than the blink of an eye.
  • Distributed, highly scalable and robust configuration management system which acts as a central repository for all our products (because every merchant is different).
  • A suite of automated deployment tools which enable single click E2E testing, and multi-system deployment (so everyone else can just worry about code!)
  • Filed multiple patents in areas such as search algorithms, systems and SEO.
  • Contributor to the Open Source community, be it through code community events or even regular meetups.


  • Annual Medical Insurance Coverage for yourself and your dependents
  • Annual Master Health Check-Up by up to 4000 INR per month
  • Statutory Retiral Benefits (Provident Fund Gratuity)

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