SSE – (Javascript + React) – Web Platform – Multi-Billion Dollar SaaS Startup – Hybrid/Bengaluru

  • Hybrid (Hybrid/Bengaluru)
Job Details
Full Time 2+ Years

Full Job Description

You will join the Web Platform team which is at the forefront of building and maintaining SDKs, tools, services, and infrastructure, all geared towards empowering the product teams to deliver exceptional user experiences. You are garnered a minimum of 3 years of hands-on software engineering experience with over 2 years of expertise with JavaScript and React.


– Collaborate extensively with cross-functional Engineering teams to uncover challenges inherent in developing and deploying web applications.
– Devise, develop, and maintain robust libraries and abstractions that bolster internal product teams.
– Conduct meticulous code reviews to elevate the platform’s overall maturity and code quality.
– Identify emerging technologies and patterns that streamline the creation and management of expansive Single Page web applications.
– Lead the charge for best practices that heighten reliability, security, performance, and quality.
– Take on a mentorship role for Engineers at different career junctures, nurturing their growth and achievements.
– Guide ambitious technical endeavors, navigating complex problems while always prioritizing customer needs.


– A minimum of 3 years of hands-on software engineering experience.
– Over 2 years of expertise with JavaScript and React.
– Demonstrated success in contributing to web platform teams, actively shaping large single-page applications with global reach and fast release cycles.
– Commanding knowledge of the web platform’s capabilities and constraints.
– Proficiency in architecting meticulously designed, exhaustively tested, and comprehensively documented APIs and libraries.
– Adept at collaborating seamlessly across diverse engineering teams.
– Skilled in steering technical initiatives that align seamlessly with strategic business goals.
– Displays strong communication abilities in both written and verbal communication.
– Holds a degree in Computer Science or a related Software Engineering discipline.

This opportunity offers a remarkable platform for an experienced Engineer to play a pivotal role in sculpting the success of the web platform. If you’re fueled by a passion for crafting exceptional user experiences and driving technical excellence, we encourage you to apply. Write to us at to learn further about the role!