Software Engineer (Infrastructure)

Job Details
2+ years of experience building web frontend infrastructures

Full Job Description

Our team is responsible for owning and operating the frontend mono-repo development and deployment workflows, the library toolchain, and any supporting infrastructures such as CI/CD systems. As part of the Client Foundation team which goal is to help our Product teams build great user experiences and interfaces quickly and reliably, our team support this by ensuring the development processes, services and tools are fast and reliable for our engineers to use every day.

  • Extensive experience with CI/CD automation systems such as CircleCI and Pipelines
  • Experience owning, improving, and supporting development workflows used by other developers
  • Extensive experience working with libraries in the modern web build toolchain such as Webpack, esbuild, Babel, Mocha, Jest, Enzyme
  • Experience automating, and improving developer experience in large code repositories (e.g. mono-repos) for hundreds of developers
  • You possess exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • You possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience and Excitement towards working with global, distributed teams
  • Alignment with our Values
  • An innate curiosity about how things work
  • Work with a team of diverse engineers spread across remote locations and our engineering hubs in Bangalore & San Francisco
  • Develop, maintain and improve the development infrastructure tools and framework that support our engineering productivity and development loop
  • Use your exceptional analytical skills to break down complex requirements into smaller tasks to execute

Nice to Have

  • Experience building remote-first teams
  • Experiencing operating CI/CD systems and workflows at scale for hundreds of developers
  • Experience in building development tooling for multiple platforms – such as web, desktop, mobile

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