Senior/ Staff Frontend Engineer- Billion $ US Startup – $125K – $150K

Job Details

Full Job Description

We are building a next generation consumer products company pioneering a digital first approach to brand building. We incubate and acquire brands through innovative partnerships with ecommerce entrepreneurs. This product will unlocking the overlooked potential in the $2.7 trillion global ecommerce marketplace economy.


  1. 8+ years of professional development experience.
  2. 4+ years demonstrated experience developing in React.js and Redux.
  3. 5+ years demonstrated experience developing and working with RESTful API.
  4. 5+ years demonstrated experience working within an AWS environment.
  5. Have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  6. Strong hands on coding and technical skills on data heavy, distributed full stack software development. Able to unblock technical problems.
  7. Self-starter and able to operate fully autonomously.
  8. Strong cross functional collaboration, clear understanding of architecture, and design decisions that go far beyond the immediate technical area of expertise.
  9. Good command over the business domain you have worked on before.
  10. Up to date with recent tools, technologies, design patterns and processes of cloud native, web scale software development.
  1. Advocating for technology, practice, process, or architectural change. 80% of your daily efforts are driven by technical concerns.
  2. Ensuring the adoption of Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices. Accelerate delivery while maintaining a high standard of quality.
  3. Own and work on projects that are complex, highly ambiguous, and span multiple teams/projects, usually addressing cross cutting concerns.
  4. Advise Directors and VPs on strategic, mid/long term technical decisions, involved in roadmap planning.
  5. Identify and work on problems proactively that will have a large impact.
  6. Entrusted with business-critical projects and setting technical vision, you understand what it’ll take to gather a team to execute on it.
  7. Help others in the company level up with their skills. This includes mentoring, lending a coding hand, code review, and architecture reviews where needed.
  8. Depending on the nature of the project contribute as a subject matter expert (e.g., security), or in the form of general engineering practice (e.g., architecture).
  9. Collaborate with your team’s managers in adopting successful practices in hiring, onboarding, and production operations and engineering culture.
  10. Leverage your experience to anticipate and mitigate common engineering pitfalls at all stages of project development

Nice to Have:

  1. Polyglot – With good command over 2 or more languages.
  2. Good Data Engineering experience.
  3. Experience with e-commerce, advertising, supply chain
  4. Open-source contributions, publicly accessible code samples (GitHub)
  5. Demonstrated excellence in one or more areas of software engineering

If you love running towards complex challenges and transforming them into solutions, if you want to make a potentially huge impact on many lives, write to us at to get connected!