Principal Engineer – Large Scale Distributed Systems

  • 110K-125K
  • Remote
Job Details
Full Time 7+ years

Full Job Description

“One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code – Ken Thompson”

We are looking for a Principal Engineer with a background in creating a vision and building distributed systems software, applications and excellent interworking skills to engage with developers and partners working in sophisticated software designs and solutions.

Be prepared to join a team that sets the standards for other teams in the organization, a team of incredible out-of-the-box thinking engineers that not only solve the hardest problems in the industry, but also push their engineering teams at large to be better.

Distinguished Startup |  Pay scale: ($110K – $125K)

  • You have 7+ years of experience as a Software Engineer working across the stack building consumer products.
  • Strong experience developing with Golang, Rust, Python, or Java
  • Knowledge of database fundamentals like indexing, SQL queries, schema migrations, and managing backups.
  • You have a product sense, maintain a high degree of empathy for your internal and external users and seek feedback from them about your work
  • You approach problems with first principles.
  • Experience managing production services and designing smooth deployment processes, ideally in AWS.
  • You’ll be expected to roll up your sleeves and sling production code as well as proofs of concept.
  • Drive end-to-end architectural designs that balance customer benefit, cost, and resilience.
  • Collaborate with leadership and senior engineers on the team to build the technical roadmap for the products
  • Advise the leadership team on essential technical considerations related to ensuring engineering excellence & successful high impact key initiatives.
  • You’ll manage our high stakes production environment, ensuring high availability/low latency & protecting our sensitive data with rigorous security.
  • Finally, Build the company you want to work at.

Challenging? Heck yes. Rewarding? Double heck yes. Write to us at to set up your next adventure!