Head HR – Early Stage Gaming Startup

  • Mumbai/Bangalore
Job Details

Full Job Description

You will be working towards building a performance-driven culture with a key focus on development, recognition, and succession planning.

The focus will be to make the company a desired / best places to work.

  • Experience working with Start-ups or fast-paced B2C Tech companies with 100+ team size
  • Experience in driving Cultural Change and Organizational Change
  • Experience in designing and deploying OD interventions with success
  • Strong business and functional acumen
  • Ability to drive team with motivation and drive desired results
  • Experience working with Start-up’s that have been through a VC round
  • Evaluate the existing organizational culture and people perceptions to identify the areas of improvement, build a plan of action to drive the desired change in alignment with business objectives.
  • Evaluate existing systems, policies and processes/SOPs of the HR team and drive desired change with a focus on digitization, automation to reduce bottlenecks, dependencies and unproductive activities within the team.
  • Partner with various stakeholders in driving Manpower Planning and Budgeting activity for every financial year and plan necessary steps to drive the desired manpower needs in a timely manner.
  • Drive ongoing manpower needs within desired SLAs and build succession plans for critical positions. Evaluate and identify the right tools and platforms for Talent needs.
  • Collaborate with management in cascading the Annual Business Plans into Performance Management and drive Functional and Individual Performance Setting exercise every year.
  • Drive performance review on monthly/quarterly frequency to drive desired organizational goals and supervise modifying the goals/objectives wherever necessary in alignment with the business.
  • Partner with all stakeholders and drive the Annual Performance Review and Appraisal process.
  • Drive Annual Capability Building intervention to build and deliver current and future capability and skillsets within the organization. Design and budget the development needs of the organization and drive it to success.
  • Design and drive Organizational Values through a Reward and Recognition program building engagement through Value Manifestation. Design the Reward Budget and deploy the Value program to success.
  • Build functional and unique role-specific knowledge management programs to reduce knowledge drain and drive sustainability.
  • Evaluate and modify organizational policies, org structures, pay policies and hierarchies as an when necessary to suit business objectives, match market requirements and build organizational agility.
  • Stay abreast with the latest tools, technologies and changes to ensure timely adoption wherever applicable.
  • Drive employee engagement and well-being programs and interventions through internal and external partnerships to build employee connect and engagement.
  • Evaluate the current Employer Brand Proposition and identify areas of improvement and work towards building a strong Employer Brand proposition driving engagement with current and prospective talent.
  • Design and deliver a highly engaging employee onboarding journey that creates the right expectation setting and provides all necessary information during the Induction phase.
  • Drive Talent Management interventions focusing on identifying, developing and rewarding potential within the organization.
  • Collaborate with external vendors as an when necessary to drive department objectives encompassing Policy and Labour Laws, Talent Needs, Development Needs, OD Needs and any other as applicable.


  • Attrition Rate
  • Avg. tenure of employees in the organization
  • Talent Retention Rate
  • % employees achieving their Annual Performance Targets / Success of Performance Management Process
  • Improvement in Employee Perception or Employee Satisfaction
  • Increase in Organic Job Applications and LinkedIn Followers


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