Director, Software Engineering

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Full Job Description

This core will be owned by a Director of Software Engineering. With your help, we’ll be able to input, evaluate, and track all the data we need to keep moving forward swiftly.

You’ll be required to work on the software systems but also have the freedom and resources to build the team to suit the company’s fast rising needs.

Your day-to-day

  • Become a “Change Agent” who can mobilize resources and implement initiatives on schedule.
  • Ensure that the IT infrastructure matches our expanding business needs.
  • Plan, track, and report on several big and complicated projects to management and project teams. Identify issues and solutions.
  • Adapt, share, and advance ideas that enable world-class infrastructure
  • Manage the organization’s budget and expenditures, including public cloud resources, vendor relationships, and build v purchase analysis.
  • Create a culture of accountability, adaptability, and collaboration.
  • Identify and fill skill and capability shortages through hiring and training.


Our expectations from you

  • Years of experience in complicated start-up or mid-size company architecture, software design, engineering, and implementation.
  • 10+ years in a technology role, including 2 years overseeing 25+ engineers.
  • Experience in Bigdata, AWS, Microservices, Redis, MongoDB, Restful API, Devops, Distributed systems.
  • Demonstrated track record of successfully hiring, managing, coaching and retaining engineering managers and senior ICs
  • Ability to design complete systems. Up to date on industry trends, best practices and change management
  • Experience partnering with scientists, researchers, and engineers to build complex multidisciplinary products
  • Building hybrid cloud/on-premises architecture with a clear grasp of the benefits and drawbacks of each


For those who think they are competent in just a few of these areas, don’t worry! Individuals with a growth attitude and shown learning aptitude can apply.


Be who you are at work.

It is our goal to be the catalyst for change that inspires us to take action in the workplace. Work should be a place where your true self can be fully expressed. We’re working hard on making that happen for you.

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