Director Of Quality Engineering – Global Enterprise SaaS Product- You will lead a team >100

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Full Time 12+ Years

Full Job Description

High Impact Role – Current team size: 100+ member QE COE currently being managed by team of 4 to 5 QE & Sr. QE Managers who will report into this role.
You will be spearheading and supervising all dimensions of quality to ensure the delivery of top-tier products and services. Your close collaboration with cross-functional teams will ensure that quality benchmarks are upheld across the software development life cycle. Central to your responsibilities is the formulation and execution of quality control processes, coupled with the establishment and upkeep of quality metrics aimed at gauging performance and pinpointing avenues for enhancement.
You will Report to the – VP of Engineering.
As the Director of Quality Engineering, your remit extends to overseeing the planning, creation, implementation, and reporting of comprehensive strategies encompassing functional, automation, and performance testing across the organization. The ensuing delineation outlines the core roles and duties of a Director of QE within each of these domains:
Principal Responsibilities:
1. Functional Testing:

  • Assure adherence to established testing protocols for all functional testing.
  • Forge close partnerships with development and business units to align testing with business requisites.
  • Apprehend and manage risks affiliated with functional testing.
  • Supervise the tracking and resolution of reported defects.

2. Automation Testing:

  • Identify prospects for test automation, ensuring its judicious application.
  • Formulate and sustain automated testing frameworks and tools.
  • Furnish training and assistance to testing teams in the utilization of automated testing tools.
  • Guarantee the execution of automated tests in harmony with established testing methodologies.

3. Performance Testing:

  • Certify adherence to established testing protocols for all performance evaluations.
  • Collaborate closely with development and infrastructure teams to harmonize performance testing with system specifications.
  • Discern and manage risks associated with performance testing.
  • Analyze performance test results and proffer recommendations for enhancement.

4. Security Testing:

  • Define the overarching security testing strategy for the software system.
  • Conceptualize security testing plans, conduct testing, and document findings.

5. Accessibility Testing:

  • Craft the comprehensive Accessibility Testing strategy.
  • Execute testing adhering to relevant accessibility standards.

6. Team Management:

  • Guarantee the provisioning of requisite skills and resources to enable effective testing execution.
  • Foster a constructive team culture that champions continuous learning and advancement.
  •  Oversee performance assessments, objective setting, and career progression for team members.
  •  Drive quarterly business unit goals and deliverables in alignment with quality benchmarks.
  •  Establish and monitor quality metrics to gauge performance and pinpoint avenues for enhancement.
  •  Manage the quality engineering budget and resource distribution.

7. Communication:

  • Foster effective communication with stakeholders spanning senior leadership, development teams, and business units.
  • Disseminate regular updates on testing progress and outcomes.
  • Foster collaboration with diverse organizational segments to embed testing within the broader software development lifecycle.

About you :

• Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
• Accumulate a minimum of 12+ years of experience in quality engineering, software development, or akin domains.
• Garner a minimum of 5+ years of leadership exposure, entailing the oversight of quality engineers or software developers.
• Exhibit experience in formulating and executing quality control procedures and metrics.
• Possess a robust grasp of software development life cycle procedures and benchmarks.
• Demonstrate familiarity with automated testing frameworks and tools.
• Showcase exceptional leadership, communication, and interpersonal proficiencies.
• Prove adaptability within a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
• Exhibit strong analytical and problem-solving aptitude.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Exhibit experience with agile development methodologies.
• Display familiarity with DevOps practices and tools.
• Possess exposure to cloud technologies and platforms.
• Showcase insight into mobile application development.

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