Data Scientist – Member of Technical Staff

Job Details
3+ years experience building ML-driven fast and scalable ML/analytical algorithms in a corporate/startup environment using Python, Spark/MLlib and Hadoop.

Full Job Description

An internationally renowned firm with a leader tag in Commerce Experience. We thrive towards empowering brands to deliver customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic.

We are seeking a seasoned Data Scientist to own the design and implementation of cutting-edge AI driven algorithmic components for search, recommendation and behavioral insights that are used to personalize digital experiences for our customers.

The Team:
Our data science team is responsible for the data science modules that power all the products of the company, including Search Relevance, User Personalization, Recommendation, Content Intelligence and Analytics. We invent and apply machine learning, data mining, and information retrieval algorithms to understand, identify, and improve web content discovery. We have built industry leading algorithms in search/recommendations for the commerce space that serve the most relevant experiences using Artificial Intelligence with the goal-building AI driven experiences beyond commerce.

BS/MS degree in Computer Science or a related discipline with a strong mathematical foundation

  • Productionize ML/AI models around semantic understanding and personalization which power our industry-leading Search and Recommendation applications.
  • Crunch historical data, search queries, product catalog, and images to extract hidden relations and features.
  • Conduct research to explore cutting-edge ML techniques (especially Deep Learning) and ability to execute a quick POC.
  • Ability to influence and contribute to the AI/data roadmap for the company.
  •   Lead the effort to integrate and scale the ML components to a production-level that can handle terabytes of data.
  • Guide and mentor junior members of the team.
  • Participate in lean and agile development processes in a test and monitoring-driven environment, while collaborating with Backend Engineers and Product Managers.



  • Strong understanding of various machine learning and natural language processing technologies, such as classification, information retrieval, clustering, knowledge graph, semi-supervised learning and ranking.
  • Excellent exploratory data analysis skills with ability to slice and dice data at scale using SQL in Redshift/BigQuery.
  • Excellent problem solving, analytical and communication skills.
  • Exposure to deep learning stack (PyTorch/Keras/TensorFlow) and techniques (Representation/Transfer Learning, RNN/LSTM, Transformers).
  • Experience working with distributed systems like Spark/Hadoop at significant scale in a cloud-based production environment (AWS/GCP/Azure).

Regional benefits:

  • Annual Medical Insurance Coverage for yourself and your dependents
  • Annual Master Health Check-Up by up to 4000 INR per month
  •  Statutory Retiral Benefits (Provident Fund Gratuity)

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