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If you have a flair for words and passion for technology, we are looking for you! The position of Job Description Writer is a multi-tiered role which encompasses content writing, digital marketing and management. As part of our team, you will be catering to niche start-ups and some of the biggest names in tech space. Your primary responsibility would be to create engaging and compelling job descriptions with a view to attracting highly talented candidates.

A job description is the foremost touchpoint between the candidates and our organization. Therefore, you would be expected to write high-quality job descriptions and direct them at qualified candidates through e-mail marketing. Knowledge of keyword research, analysis and an inclination to handle digital marketing would be big plus!


  • Taking ownership of creating engaging and insightful content about all things recruitment.
  • Interacting with the clients, gathering information about the open vacancies and writing compelling job descriptions to be published on various platforms.
  • Running e-mail marketing campaigns for open vacancies.
  • Managing the digital marketing campaigns as and when required.

3 Keys to Startup Success: Hustle, Follow-Through and Curiosity.

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